QTVR - "QuickTime Virtual Reality" is software technology developed by Apple computer in the early 90's that facilitates "Stitching" together a series of photographs to display a interactive 360 degree view of an environment or object. If "A picture is worth a thousand words", imagine the value of a picture times 360!

QTVR was recognized immediately for it's potential and rapidly adopted into education, as well as industry. Applications for it's commercial use also continue to grow. The real estate market for example, benefits by allowing any number of potential buyers to 'walk around' the virtual interior of a home. Communication in the medical profession is greatly enhanced using virtual displays of an injury, or diseased part of the body.

Until recently, use of QTVR for advertising on the web was scarce due to the limited bandwidth available. However, with the growth of DSL and cable connections, the average consumer has the means to view these interactive displays. The marketing value of this technology is as yet under-utilized. Early adopters can expect a great sales advantage over their competitors, and, or much less expense and effort in the areas of technical support and product explanations. Objects as large as automobiles are being photographed not only in the round, but globally, giving a view from every possible angle.

Our studio on Venice beach, CA, specializes in smaller items from jewelry, to antiques, to sculpture, and anything else better displayed by dimension.

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